My name's Andy Kowal and I have built this website to share my work as I feel passionate about my subject matter of photography. I have an interest in all aspects of photography, and through my photos, I try and capture scenes as I see them, and I hope to share these moments with others to enjoy. I try to bring a relaxed and creative style to the work that I produce and to make the experience memorable, rather than a functional exercise.

I have studied photography since a child but only really moved from hobby to a professional basis when I started shooting freelance photography in 2008 for the Nottingham Evening Post, part of the Northcliffe Media Group. Some days involved photo-journalism and was focussed mainly on sports events.

I now specialise in a number of important areas such as weddings, family occasions, portraits, scenery and buildings, to name but a few.

In all my work I try to offer a truly personal approach tailored to the needs of my clients

I am also conscious of the cost of good quality photography, particularly when it is one component part of an expensive day, such as a wedding. I therefore try to offer a truly personalised service to meet all budgets, but at a very competitive rate.

I have placed some of my favourite photography on the website, but have a lot more that I would be delighted to share with you.